Multi-Stim Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Device - TENS Bundle Pack with free home use Ultrasound Unit

+ For symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain
+ Musculoskeletal pain (acute postoperative pain and acute post traumatic pain)
+ Chronic low back pain
+ Neuropathic pain
+ Visceral pain and dysmenorrhea
Comes with free home use Ultrasound Unit ( US pro 2000)
+ 5 Packs of 2″ x 2″ Electrodes
+ 85 gm Ultrasound Tube

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Multi Stim TENS device is a method of drug free method of relieving symptomatic chronic intractable pain device. It is a dual-channel digital stimulator for active treatment application, which has a Digital LCD display indicating operation modes and output as well as an 8-bit microcomputer for controlling the system.

Multi-Stim tens device is a simple operation device with multiple (8) preset programs. User can relax by using its timer function to relief temporary pain at the same time.

The electronics of the unit create electric impulse; the intensity, duration, frequency per second and modulation of these impulses can be adjusted.

What is TENS ?

TENS: “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation”- a safe, non-invasive, drug free method of pain relief used by Physical Therapists and professional Doctors for over decades. By delivering stable pulses to the skin to stimulate nerve fibers, the Tens unit could effectively block the pain signal to people’s brain. At the same times, increases natural endorphins, which is a natural pain reliever. In many cases, the reduction or elimination of pain lasts longer than the period of stimulation.

US Pro 2000™ 2nd Edition Portable Ultrasound

Program Specifications:

Acoustic Frequency: 1 MHz ± 10%
Temporal Maximum Output: 6.4 W ± 20% (duty factor 100%)
Head Warming Preheat Time: 3 minutes max
Pulse Repetition Rate: 100 Hz ± 10%
Duty Factor (L, M, H): 5%, 50%, 100%
Treatment Time: 5, 10, 15 minutes
Effective Radiating Area (ERA): 4.0 cm2 ± 20%
Beam Nonuniformity Ratio (BNR): 5.0 max
Wave Form: Pulsed, Continuous

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