Versa-Bath Heating Unit

+ Includes: Versa-Bath Unit, 4 standard & 2 Cervical Packs
+ 3 Year Warranty
+ Adjustable Digital Thermostat (140F-180F)
+ Easy clean seamless design with rounded corners
+ Double Insulated: Cool to the touch and efficient
+ Hot water bath for moist heat packs & splinting
+ Easily remove rack to use for splinting/casting

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Package: With Thermal Core Packs


The first multi-purpose water bath that can be used for conditioning Thermal Core Moist Heat Packs, or as a water bath for molding thermoplastic splinting and casting materials. The large capacity rack holds 4 standard and 2 oversize moist heat packs and can be easily removed for splinting/casting applications. The no mess, removable lid doubles as a drip tray to keep your cabinets and floors free of water when removing the packs or transporting splinting material.

These units incorporate an insulated, double wall design and an easy to read, adjustable digital temperature control to ensure proper water temperature for both moist heat therapy and splinting applications. The Versa-Bath‚Ѣ heats water quickly to 140F-180F and maintains a consistent temperature resulting in lower energy consumption.

The seamless design with rounded corners along with the concealed heating element makes cleaning a snap! Because the heating element is not exposed to water, it will not corrode, lasting much longer than exposed elements.

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