Health Medics Ankle Rehab Kit

$ 50.00

The Health Medics Lace-Up Ankle Rehab Kit includes both a brace support and a hot and cold compression device. The support include a strapping system that protects and stabilizes like athletic tape plus the removable lateral stays add extra stability. The lacing and extra top wrap allows for an adjustable, perfect fit. The ventilated tongue breaths with you and can be worn in your shoes for added support during activities. The rehab kit comes with a premium support plus a bonus hot and cold compression brace. All compression braces have a removable hot and cold pack and hose.


Based on shoe size.

Small7 – 98 – 10
Medium9.5 – 1010.5 – 12
Large11.5 – 1312.5 – 14
Extra Large13.5+14.5+