OFA fix – The secure grip for medical compression stockings

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Ofa Fix very simply provides your compression stockings with a secure grip. The pH neutral adhesive contains natural chamomile and is very gentle to the skin. It is totally water soluble and residue-free when removed.

Useful tips

Useful information for an easy start in the day

  • – Special gloves from Ofa Bamberg provide a secure grip and protect the knitted fabric
  • – It is best to put on your compression stockings the moment you get up in the morning while your legs are free from any swelling
  • – Wear comfortable, loose clothing and flat, comfortable shoes
  • – Walk as often as possible, also bare-footed
  • – Treat yourself morning and night to an invigorating cool leg shower
  • – Move your feet and legs when sitting or standing for longer periods of time
  • – Regular foot care and solid footwear are a prerequisite for a long lifespan of compression stockings
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