MediSports – Knee Care Massager with heat

$ 199.95

MediSports Knee care device has multi-functional adjustable design which can provide relief to Knee, Elbow and Shoulder Joints.

This device is powered by an intelligent computer chip that coordinate 2 motors, located on both sides on the knee,creating a natural feeling massage.

The 3 mode allow for a customized level of pressure – from light,medium to firm.


     NAME  MediSports Knee Care device
     Material   ABS, TPU, EVA
     Size   Free
     Colour    Gray
     Temperature   40℃-65℃
     Vibrational frequency   2700 rpm
     Cycle   30minutes
     Certificates   CE, FDA, RoHS, IEC
     Voltage   12V AC/DC
     Applicability   pain relief, joint relax