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Pino Squeeze Egg Set of 4

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Squeeze Eggs are oval, ergonomically shaped therapy balls made of elastic thermoplastic rubber (TPR). The hand pressure ball can be used to perform a variety of effective exercises to strengthen the muscles of the fingers, hands and forearms. By squeezing, pulling, stretching and kneading the eggs, the hand and finger muscles are trained and blood circulation is stimulated. Rolling between your fingers can also help improve motor skills, coordination and dexterity. As an educational aid, the therapy balls can also help reduce stress. The hand therapy eggs are available in 4 resistances, with the color indicating the resistance. This means the training intensity can be adjusted depending on progress, needs and goals. Each resistance level can also be used alternately in interval training. Thanks to the non-slip, slightly structured surface and the ergonomic design, the Squeeze Egg sits comfortably in the hand and ensures a perfect grip. It is sturdy and durable. In addition to being used for sports, its handy size also makes it perfect for training at home or on the go.

Plus points for therapy:

  • To strengthen the arm, finger and hand muscles
  • Four resistance levels to gradually increase the intensity of the load
  • Versatile exercise options
  • Handy size for training anywhere

Product details:

  • Suitable for special finger and hand exercises to strengthen muscles
  • The training can be carried out to help improve motor skills and dexterity
  • Small, light & handy: ideal for on the go
  • Non-slip and robust
  • Made of durable, elastic thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
  • Four squeeze eggs in four degrees of hardness enable targeted (interval) training
  • Resistance levels:
    – yellow: light (resistance: 15 kg)
    – red: medium (resistance: 20 kg)
    – green: strong (resistance: 25 kg)
    – blue: extra strong (resistance: 30 kg)
  • Also ideal for reducing stress

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