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How PATELLADYN Knee brace can help you?

PATELLADYN is one of the most popular knee braces among the physiotherapist in Europe and in North America .
Recently we received the email from one of our customers and he has some questions regarding his knee injury and his current knee pain situation and he wanted to know if PATELLADYN is a good brace for him and his condition.
Here are some concerns he had:
20 years ago he had a patella luxation (patella slide out on the out side of knee) happened twice and after that he experienced patella subluxation probably 10 times. He mentioned that he never had knee surgery but he was always very careful and never did any heavy knee activities since then. Also, he never experienced knee cap pain after those events. Since the  patella luxation was unbearable and our customer mentioned that he never want to feel again! 
This winter he wants to go to skiing with his 8 year old daughter but before he take that chance, he contacted us and ask for a suggestions. He was doing research on patella stabilizers and found Sporlastic Products. 
Since he was looking for the best products that can PREVENT any patella luxation.
Our recommendation was certainly be the PATELLADYN knee brace. It has a metal, stabilizing splint that runs along each side of the brace as well as an anatomically designed lateral (outer side) half-ring shaped pad and a smaller medial (inner side) pad, to ensure the patella is tracking through the correct range of motion. The position of the padding is geared towards reducing patellar misalignment and treating chronic/habitual knee (sub)luxation. The two drawstring velcro straps also generate pressure underneath the knee cap by applying a compressive force to the surrounding muscles and ligaments within the knee joint, minimizing the free space for the patella to move side-to-side during locomotion. 
One important point we would like to mention that every human body is different and the result can be different as well. Our recommendation is always based on some of the results we have seen in the past but we always ask our Customer to consult with the Doctor or physiotherapist about the product you are interested in and see if he/she has the same recommendations. 
I hope this information will be able to answer some questions and help our customers to decide the right Knee brace.