Balance trainer Physio Wheel

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PINOFIT Physio Wheel was developed for strengthening core exercises and proprioceptive training. The oval shape creates instability and challenges the body to balance with compensatory movements. The smaller muscle groups in particular are activated and trained. In addition, the Physio Wheel can support the execution of various yoga positions and contribute to increasing the intensity of the exercises. The multifunctional training tool for highly effective training in the practice and at home.

Plus points for therapy:

  • Supports the strengthening of the deep muscle groups and balance training
  • Ideal as an effective tool for performing various yoga, heart opener and stretching exercises
  • Can help increase exercise intensity
  • Can minimize risk of injury

Product Details:

  • Supported at all performance levels
  • Non-slip and particularly robust
  • Light weight
  • Max. loadable up to 120 kg


approx. 39 x 20 x 13 cm


about 1kg

Scope of delivery:

1 physio wheel

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