Zero Tolerance Policy

Physio Supplies Canada Inc's Zero Tolerance Policy is applicable to anyone from the general public who contacts Physio Supplies Canada Inc through any form of communication, whether in writing, in person, via social media or by telephone.

At Physio Supplies Canada Inc we are proud to have such amazing staff that support our customers throughout their journey with us and therefore this policy outlines the types of behaviours that, if demonstrated by our customers will not be tolerated. These behaviours could include the below:

  • Aggressive or threatening language/interactions
  • Unreasonable demands
  • High volumes of contact

1. Aggressive or threatening language/interactions:

When things do not run smoothly we appreciate that emotions can become heightened, especially if someone feels that things may not be being dealt with quite in the manner they expected however we will not allow any staff member to be subjected to any language whether verbal or written that is considered abusive.

Should customers demonstrate any of the following tendencies then we will encourage our staff to implement our zero tolerance policy.

- Aggressive language
- Swear words
- Threatening language
- Derogatory comments including anything of a racial, personal or discriminatory nature.

2. Unreasonable Demands:

Another instance in which we would uphold our zero tolerance policy is if a customer begins to make unreasonable demands. Unreasonable demands may cause the opposite outcome in a situation as expectations that are unrealistic can not always be met and demands such as these have an adverse impact on the time our staff have to carry out their duties. Examples of unreasonable demands include but are not limited to the below:

- Requesting responses to communications in timeframes that are not achievable.
- Insistent or persuasive behaviour with a view to liaise with specific staff members only, rebuffing the initial staff member.
- Demanding answers to the same questions that have been answered previously due to not wanting to accept the original given information.
- Shifting the nature of an enquiry without any actual substance in order to continue a discussion or prolong the life of a complaint.
- Refusal to follow our escalation procedure by only choosing to deal with certain staff.

3. Unreasonable Contact Levels

Physio Supplies Canada Inc are privileged to deal with many customers daily. No customer is more important than another and all will be treated fairly and with the same level of respect. This being said we will recognise any instances of severe contact levels to our staff as we know the impacts that unnecessary high contact levels can cause. Examples of excessive communications could be:

- Excessive contact in short periods of time
- Inundating our staff with calls/emails
- Contacting staff multiple times unnecessarily if the repetitive communications simply mirror previous contact and do not add any additional value.
- Submitting requests to multiple staff members on the same topic
- Making efforts to keep our staff in a phone call/email exchange that has come to a natural end.

Sadly our staff can be impacted with their ability to do their jobs if customers decide to display any of the behaviours above therefore we will uphold our zero tolerance policy to ensure our staff feel safe at all times when dealing with customers.

There are certain measures our staff can take if they feel it necessary and these measures are including but not limited to the below:

- Restricting contact just to written correspondence
- Terminating phone calls with verbal notice to the customer.
- In extreme cases only, advising the customer that any correspondence will not be returned, in the event we decide to refuse to deal with a customer going forward.
- In extreme cases, letting the customer know that any irrelevant or continuously repetitive communications will be destroyed.
- Organising phone calls for set time slots only.
- Arranging contact from one senior member of staff only
- In extreme cases, seeing the individual by appointment only.

Ultimately all customers will have dedicated member of staff to assist for their queries and we would hope that the interactions for all involved can be carried out with the upmost positivity. Whilst this policy will not be applicable for every customer it is important for us as a company to provide insightful information into how we will deal with any intense or fraught communications.


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