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Kinesio Tape, Tex Gold FP 5M (Black)


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La description

Kinesio Tex Gold FP – ReEvolution-ary Muscle & Joint Support Tape

Developed exclusively for Kinesio professionals. Backed by research and development since the early 1970’s, Kinesio continues to make advancements in technology that continues the ReEvolution and fulfills the original vision; Taping the World for Health. The famous wave pattern provides enhanced and patented Fingerprint [FP] technology and patented Nano Touch stimulation to the epidermis and superficial layers of the skin. Kinesio Tex Gold FP mimics a gentle human touch while providing a Micro-grip deep set adhesive, applied during the manufacturing process, resulting in improved grip and hold with less adhesive surface area.

Kinesio Tex Gold FP is a super thin athletic tape that is approximately the same thickness and the elasticity of skin and muscles. Our taping technique is based on the body's own natural healing process and works to activate the neurological and circulatory systems. With an improved cotton weave – that employs FingerPrint (FP), Nano-touch and Micro-grip technologies – Kinesio Tex Gold FP provides a full range of motion, support and stability, without adversely affecting the natural range of motion.

Kinesio Tex Gold FP sport and medical tape is designed for a 30-40% longitudinal-only stretch that lifts the skin and provides soreness, edema and inflammation relief, as well as support for surrounding soft tissue – without restricting range of motion. Our elastic therapeutic tape is hypoallergenic and latex-free, and utilizes high-grade cotton that can be worn continuously for 3-5 days for maximum effectiveness. Our heat-activated, medical-grade acrylic adhesive is made of porous material that allows the skin under the tape to breathe and helps moisture dissipate quickly, allowing it to withstand sweating, showering and swimming.

The Kinesio Taping Association highly recommends that you consult a CKTP (Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner) prior to applying Kinesio Tex Tape.

about kinesiology

About Kinesio Tape

Dr. Kenzo Kase is an American-trained chiropractor, best known as the inventor of Kinesio Tex Tape and the Kinesio Taping Method. Elastic therapeutic tape has become a common modality in rehabilitation, and it started with Dr. Kase. Kinesio Tape is highly recognized in the sports arena; however, its origins were not directly related to sports. Dr. Kase recognized the need for a new approach in the 1970s when he was observing and treating rheumatoid arthritis patients.

He wanted a modality that would allow his patients to continue to receive the benefit of his treatment in-between visits, to “take his hands home with them.” Dr. Kase designed the Kinesio Taping Method to facilitate the body’s natural healing powers, and Kinesio Tape to meet the unique requirements of his method. Forty years later, his method has changed how rehabilitation is practiced. Each roll of Kinesio Tape continues Dr. Kase’s vision, by allowing patients to take the treatment home.

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