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SPORLASTIC is a trusted German manufacturer of braces and orthotics. Our mission is to help people to recover and maintain their physical mobility. Highest quality, well thought-out products and innovative treatment concepts.

As a German, family-owned company with a history of more than 145 years, Sporlastic represent superlative quality, excellent products and carefully thought-out treatment concepts.

Working with doctors, therapists and technicians, they develop products and solutions for holistic treatment.


Ofa Bamberg stands for the most modern technology in combination with more than 90 years of experience in medical compression. And not only development is based in Germany. We are particularly proud of the fact that also production is almost exclusively “made in Germany”.

Ofa’s growth has been principally driven by innovation. Ofa Bamberg was the first manufacturer to offer compression stockings with modern microfibres. Also further fashionable accessories such as the lace grip top and the great colour choice set trends.



Here's the thing, obstacles are part of life. For the last 25 years, Biofreeze has been helping those in pain to overcome it and get them back to their best.

Biofreeze, like other topical analgesics, is thought to work due to the “Pain Gate Theory”, also known as the “Gate Control Theory”.



Training accessories for therapy & training In the PINOSHOP you will find an extensive range of high-quality fitness products. PINO offers you professional training accessories for modern training therapy. Our own brand PINOFIT convinces with excellent quality at fair prices.

PINO offers training accessories of the highest quality that are specially tailored to the needs of therapists. Balance trainer for therapy & leisure Balance training can usually be carried out without any aids. However, a soft, unstable surface increases the efficiency of the training. Depending on the type of balance trainer and type of training, the user can sit, stand or lie on it. In addition to the classic balance cushions, which are also ideal as a seat pad, the PINO balance pads are ideal for classic balance training.



The journey of Compex begins in 1986, when ABB-BCC Secheron, a leading industrial electronics and technology company, created the subsidiary MediCompex SA in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1988 the first Computerised Muscle Pocket Exerciser, or Compex, was born. Since then, Compex has been providing clinically-proven and market-leading muscle stimulators to athletes and sports enthusiasts all over globe.

As the company grown, their product range has expanded and now, in addition to Muscle Stimulator range, includes a range of Bracing products, therapy devices including Massage Guns, Wireless Compression Boots, Kinesio-Tape and other vibrating massage devices.



Knee pain: Great for arthritic knees, patellar femoral syndrome and/or iliotibial band pain. Helps joint and knee cap pain. Works very well for night time knee pain and allows for more normal sleep.

Back pain: Relaxes muscles and permits improved movement and pain relief. Terrific at first signs of back pain to relieve symptoms BEFORE they become severe.

Muscle aches, Overwork: Apply after muscle strain and then before bedtime. Wake up feeling way better than you thought possible. Improves recovery after strenuous exercise.

Neck/shoulder pain: Similar to back pain, muscle relaxation allows for improved movement and pain relief. Works extremely well for upper back muscle tightness and trigger knots between the shoulder blades.


L'objectif de nos solutions d'affaires est de mieux servir les professionnels de la santé et les résidents canadiens en leur offrant une précieuse expertise de l'industrie qui contribue à leur croissance et à leur développement.