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KNEO Knee Relief Orthosis

UGS: MEDI-7790-1

+ Gonarthrosis
+ Knee arthrosis

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Size: 1
Side: Right Knee
Version: Medial

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La description

KNEO Knee Relief Orthosis for unicompartmental knee relief, e.g. in gonarthrosis.

The anatomically pre-shaped side splint can be optimally adapted to the contour of the lower leg. The partially elastic belt ensures high wearing comfort. The length of the reins can be individually shortened and adjusted. By forming the foot bar, the correction pressure can be finely dosed.

Article No.

  • 07790 (medial version)
  • medial / varus gonarthrosis - genu varum - bandy leg - valgizing mode of action
  • 07791 (lateral version)
  • lateral / valgus gonarthrosis - genu valgum - knock knees - varied mode of action


Knee Relief Orthosis Size Chart

  • All indications and complaints for which a unique compartmental relief is indicated, e.g. gonarthrosis
  • Knee arthrosis



  • A relief of the medial or lateral compartment is the result
  • Depending on the design, the ground reaction force and thus the load line running through the knee is shifted in medial or lateral direction.
  • KNEO is attached to the foot and lower leg, but acts on the knee for unicompartmental relief
  • When walking on the sole of the foot, a correction force is generated, which über becomes the lateral splint übertragen and acts on the pad.
  • Drawbar length individually shortened and adjustable
  • Finely adjustable correction pressure by forming the foot bar
  • Flat construction for high wearing comfort and best possible fit - even under clothing
  • Living Hinge: Permanent anatomical adaptation of the orthosis to the different lengths of the leg during movement
  • Orthosis sole can be individually cut to size
  • Partially elastic belt for high wearing comfort
  • The anatomically pre-shaped side splint can be optimally adapted to the contour of the lower leg

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