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Web-Slide Exercise Rail, Stainless Steel, 3 Rails, 28" Each/84" Total, Deluxe Set

UGS: MEDI-10-5109DS

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La description

The Web Slide Professional System is a streamlined exercise rail system that can be used to increase productivity, educate patients, and improve patient compliance. It eliminates the clutter and inefficiencies of tying tubes, bands, and pulleys all over a clinic. Easily perform exercises for trunk, upper, and lower extremities with the Web Slide Professional System, available in stainless steel and zinc plated. Warning: Closing tubing in a door without an anchor strap can cause premature breakage, resulting in injury.

Using the Web Slide Professional System

The Web Slide Professional System can be used facing or turned away from the anchor point, and in standing, sitting, kneeling, or prone positions. This wall-mounted exercise rail system has no moving parts, no complicated equipment, and no obstacles to interrupt or slow user exercise sessions. This product is made in the U.S.A.

Exercise Rails

Create tailor-made systems that meet your needs with the Web Slide Exercise Rails, available in stainless steel and zinc plated. Use just one rail or mount multiple rails at varying heights for specialized exercise stations.

Storage Racks

The Web Slide Storage Rack is a 16-position storage rack that stores and organizes tubes and other exercise devices that use web anchor straps. This stainless steel or zinc plated storage rack contains a 2" wide trough on top for accessories.

Web Anchor Strap

The Rubber Saddle Web Anchor Strap works with all brands of tubing and bands. It is recommended for clinical and gym settings where individual tubing and bands undergo heavy and frequent use.

Know Before You Use

  • Use only PrePak anchor straps to affix exercise devices to Exercise Rails.
  • Before each use, inspect tubing for nicks, cuts, and abrasion or wear.
  • Never stretch tubing more than twice its length.
  • Do not stretch tubing toward the face to avoid injury to eyes, face, or head.
  • Do not mount rail systems in or around pool/spa areas.

Quick Clinic-to-Home Transitions

Step 1

Select the appropriate exercise device.

Step 2

After selecting your exercise device, slide the web strap into the slot at the desired elevation and insert the safety slide.

Step 3

Show the patient how to perform the exercise.

Step 4

Provide the patient with the same exercise device to use in a home gym.

Space-Saving, Full-Body Workouts

PrePak’s Web Slide Professional System organizes your space and streamlines patient training sessions. Any resistance bands/tubing, pulley devices, or other exercise equipment that utilizes a web anchor strap for door attachment can be set up with an exercise rail—no door required. Its compact, space-saving size makes it unobtrusive in a clinic, home, or gym, while still allowing for full-body workouts and rehab exercises at a range of anchor points.

Resistance Levels:

  • Orange - Medium
  • Green - Heavy
  • Purple - Extra Heavy
  • Black - Special Heavy
  • Dark Green - Super Heavy
  • Resistance Chart


  • (3) 6˝ x 28˝ Exercise Rails, each with five anchor points, with EZ Lock safety slides.
  • (1) 24" Storage Rack with 16 positions for storing and organizing tubes and other exercise devices that contain web anchor straps, plus a 2” trough on the top for storing accessories.
  • Mounting hardware for rails and rack. - Manual
  • (1 set) 5 ft. Bilateral Tubes — 5 pieces, 1 of each resistance level with handles and anchor straps.
  • (1 set) 3′ Unilateral Tubes — 5 pieces, 1 of each resistance level with handle and anchor straps.
  • (1) Extremity Strap — anchors tubing comfortably to ankle, wrist, arm or thigh.
  • (1) Workout Wall Poster
  • (1) Storage bag included for Tube pieces.
  • (1) Home Ranger shoulder pulley.

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