We accept WSIB, ODSP & Private Insurance

At PHYSIO SUPPLIES CANADA, we accept WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board), ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) claims, as well as private insurance coverage.

Customers who wish to utilize their insurance for purchases can reach out to us via email at Purchase@medi-line.ca. Our team will assist you in the process and provide further guidance on how to proceed with your insurance coverage.

Thank you for choosing PHYSIO SUPPLIES CANADA. We look forward to serving you!

WSIB Claims

Here's a detailed explanation of how a PHYSIO SUPPLIES CANADA  process transactions involving WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) coverage:

    1. Initial Request and Verification:

      • Customer provides the WSIB claim number to the us along with the product name they are seeking.
      • We also requires the customer to provide us the contact details of their WSIB Case Manager, including phone number or email so we can make sure the WSIB claim is approved.
    2. Communication with WSIB Case Manager:

      • Physio Supplies Canada will contact the WSIB Case Manager provided by the customer to confirm whether the claim number is approved or not .
      • Before we provide the product or confirming availability, Physio Supplies Canada would need a  written confirmation from the WSIB Case Manager via email or an approval letter sent by post.
    3. Confirmation and Product Delivery:

      • Upon receiving written confirmation from the WSIB Case Manager, Physio Supplies Canada schedules the delivery of the product to the customer.
      • A representative from our office will contact the customer to provide the expected delivery date of the product.
    4. Payment Processing:

      • WSIB pays the us directly for the approved product.
      • If the customer decides to cancel the order, they must contact their WSIB Case Manager directly.
      • If a cancellation is confirmed by the WSIB Case Manager, the business deducts a restocking fee of up to 25% from the refund amount if applicable.
    5. Refund Policy:

      • Physio supplies Canada does not refund money directly to the patient. Instead, if a refund is necessary, it is sent to WSIB.
      • Upon receipt of the refund request from the customer's WSIB Case Manager, We issues a refund cheque to WSIB after deducting the appropriate restocking fee if applicable.
    6. Return Policy:

      • Used products are not eligible for return.
      • The business does not accept returns of used products under any circumstances.

    By following these outlined steps and policies, Physio Supplies Canada ensures a clear and structured process for customers utilizing WSIB coverage while also maintaining compliance with internal procedures and regulatory requirements.

ODSP Claims:


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