Dynamics Lace-up Ankle brace

The Dynamics OSG lacing orthosis is suitable for the treatment of the following indications:
+ Chronic ankle instability
+ Damage to the ankle and ligaments, e.g. B. bruises (contusions), sprains (distortions), capsule tears
+ Stabilization after band stitching

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Size: XS
Color: Black
SKU: MEDI-446011


Dynamics Lace-up Ankle brace provides effective stabilization of your upper ankle (OSG). The lateral reinforcements prevent twisting without hindering the flexion and extension of the foot. The slim construction offers a perfect fit and together with soft, air-permeable materials a high wearing comfort . Thanks to a wide range of sizes, the orthosis is also suitable for children .


  • damage to the ankle joint and ligament system, e.g. contusions, distortions, torn capsules
  • chronic ankle joint instabilities



In the following cases you should consult your doctor before using this product:

  • skin conditions or injuries in the area of application, particularly where signs of inflammation are present, such as redness, temperature increase or swelling
  • feeling of numbness and circulatory problems in the area of application
  • problems with lymphatic drainage as well as unexplained swelling



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