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NEURODYN ® SPASTIC Foot Lifting Brace

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Size: 1
Color: Black
Side: Right Foot

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NEURODYN ® SPASTIC Foot Lifting Brace for the compensation of spastic foot lifter paresis. Additional reins ensure effective correction of a pathological supination position.

Foot Lifting Brace


  • Post-operative foot & ankle
  • Spastic foot flexor paresis



  • Additional straps in the mid-foot area to improve foot positioning, especially in cases of spasticity
  • Proprioceptively effective and passive correction of supination and plantar flexion
  • Stabilisation of the ankle and avoidance of twisting
  • Supports foot flexion and improvement in rolling behaviour
  • 8 straps
  • Non-elasticated lateral strap
  • Single-handed system using a finger sling possible


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