Performa Paraffin Wax

+ Available in 6 lb and 36 lb. blocks
+ Made pure and refined paraffin wax that comes in 4 scents and unscented
+ Features professional paraffin wax
+ Ideal for at-home use and use in spas and salons
+ High-quality wax has great clarity due to its pureness

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Size: 6 lb Pack
SKU: MEDI-081511583-6lb


Performa Paraffin Wax is pure and refined for therapeutic wax treatments. It comes in multiple sizes and scents to meet the needs of professional and personal use. This wax is high-quality and melts into a highly transparent liquid.

Wax Therapy Treatments

Performa Paraffin Wax is ideal for use in therapeutic wax treatments. It is made with professional paraffin wax that enhances these treatments and helps make the skin soft and moisturized.

Professional Use

The wax comes in multiple varieties that make it great for salons and spas. The 36 lb. block and unscented style is a great bulk order than can be used with any client.

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