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MediSports Ignite Performance Socks (20-30 mmHg) - Grey/Pink

UGS: MSEGP2030-1

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La description

Introducing our premium performance compression socks, designed to cater to the needs of both athletes and individuals leading busy, professional lives. Crafted with cutting-edge COOLMAX® technology, these socks offer superior breathability and moisture-wicking properties, ensuring your feet stay cool, dry, and comfortable throughout the day, whether you're hitting the gym or attending important meetings.

Engineered with the highest quality materials, our compression socks provide unparalleled support and stability. A robust fabric selection around the ankle joint offers enhanced stability, reducing the risk of injury during intense physical activities or prolonged periods of standing. Say goodbye to venous pooling with our specialized insert strategically positioned on the dorsal anatomical structures of the foot, promoting optimal blood flow and circulation.

But that's not all – our socks go the extra mile to ensure maximum comfort and performance. Specialized cushioning built into the plantar profile of the sock delivers targeted shock absorption, providing relief to the heel and metatarsal heads, whether you're pounding the pavement or spending long hours on your feet in the boardroom.

Whether you're an athlete pushing your limits or a business professional striving for excellence, our performance compression socks are designed to support you every step of the way. Experience the difference with our innovative blend of technology, comfort, and performance.

MediSports Ignite performance socks provide an optimal fit for superior effectiveness on the skin. To ensure the perfect size, measure the circumference of your widest calf and thinnest ankle. These compression socks are both durable and breathable, and can be easily washed at 40 °C. Created by a prestigious Canadian brand, these socks meet the highest standards of quality and are also non-toxic and gentle on the skin.

Material composition: 75%Nylon, 25%Spandex

  • Comfortable Cuff
  • Ankle Protector which prevents from sprain and Friction
  • Achilles tendon Protector reduces the risk of scraping & bruising.
  • Protects heel from pressure and friction.
  • The close fit in combination with an asymmetric toe box and targeted padding helps prevent blisters
  • Help prevent plantar fasciitis, shin splints, muscle strains and post-workout pain.
  • Comes in 4 Colour options: Black/Wine red, Black/Slate Grey, Grey/Baby blue, Grey/Baby pink.

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