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Bon Vital Natural Massage Lotion, 1 Gallon Bottle

UGS: PHYSIO-7300019

+ All natural moisturizer contains a blend of botanical Sea algae extract and Japanese Green tea extract for lasting moisture retention from the most Pure plant and seed based oils
+ Looser, lightweight texture gives superior glide without limiting workability or control and provides clean and quick absorption into the skin
+ Contains safflower oil and botanical Green tea extract to create a barrier and soften scaly, dry skin and add beneficial health nutrients while relieving muscle soreness and increasing Circulation
+ Natural-ingredient, full-body lotion contains No harsh chemicals and is suited for any Swedish, deep tissue, and Sports massage, with glide properties Particularly suited for Swedish style strokes
+ Pumpable for your convenience, unscented, paraben free, no nut oils, water dispersible, cruelty free, and gluten free

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La description

Bon Vital Natural Massage Lotion has been specifically formulated to satisfy those therapists in search of the perfect lotion. All natural ingredients with a Jojoba Oil base enriched with Sea Algae and Green Tea Botanical Extracts make this the ideal massage lotion for professionals. Bon Vital Natural Massage Lotion provides excellent absorption with just the right amount of glide to produce optimal workability. For All Modalities. No Nut Oils. Unscented. Paraben Free!



What’s the Difference?

Crèmes, Lotions, Gels, and Oils

Crèmes: Massage creams are the thickest and most popular lubricants that are versatile enough to be used in most massage modalities. Massage cream is water-based and provides plenty of glide while absorbing easily into the skin for greater control.

Lotions: Massage lotions are thinner than creams and tend to provide the least amount of glide. Massage lotion absorbs quicker, contains more water, and feels cooler and lighter on the skin than crème, making them the perfect choice for modalities that require less slip and more grip.

Gels: Massage gels have a thick, oily consistency that makes them feel warmer and heavier on the skin. Typically, gel has the longest lasting glide, making them the most economical choice. A little goes a long way, even for full body massages on hairy clients!

Oils: Massage oils vary in their absorption rates, viscosity, glide, color, scent, and texture. They feel warmer and heavier on the skin than water-based products like creams and lotions. Bon Vital Oils do not contain preservatives and are cold-pressed to retain vitamins and nutrients. Oil is best for modalities requiring the most slip and glide.

Bon Vital Body Silks and Body Butters contain high-quality moisturizing ingredients that make an ideal daily moisturizer or finishing product after any massage. With ingredients like Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Jojoba Oil, dry skin will feel softer and smoother than ever before!

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