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O-motion Professional Socks ( 23-32 mmHg)

UGS: MEDI-436801

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Size: Small
Color: White

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La description

O-motion professional socks offer extra strong compression, comparable with medical compression class 2. The extra perfect fit of the O-motion professional socks is determined by measuring the leg’s circumference as well as the length of the foot.



O-motion professional socks offer extra strong compression, comparable with medical compression class 2. For even more effective blood circulation and a stronger stabilization of the calf muscles. Thus, the typical problems that affect athletes, such as torn muscles, premature muscle fatigue and shin splint can be prevented.


Ideal for

  • all those who do sports intensively or professionally
  • all those who have already experienced typical problems such as calf cramps, ruptures of the muscle fibre or shin splint
  • all those who need a particularly strong stabilisation of the calf muscles
  • all those who need a particularly effective support for their blood circulation
  • all to aid regeneration


The sizes

Each size based on circumference is available in 4 foot length (shoe sizes).


b: Widest calf circumference
a: Directly above the ankle


sport compression omotion professionalMeasuring points


Sizes EU UK US m US f
I 35 – 38 2,5 – 5 3,5 – 6 4,5 – 7
II 39 – 42 5,5 – 8,5 6,5 – 9,5 7,5 – 10,5
III 43 – 46 9 – 11,5 10 – 12,5 11 – 13,5
IV 47 – 50 12 – 15 13 – 16 14 – 17


Circumference (cm)









b 30 – 36 34 – 41 39 – 47 43 – 51
a 19 – 21 21,1 – 24 24,1 – 27 27,1 – 31


The colours: White, Red, Blue, Black




O-motion professional socks offer all the advantages of the regular socks such as:

Anatomical Compression Gradient

  • better blood circulation
  • a quicker warm-up
  • more oxygen
  • more energy


Reduced Risk of Injury

  • higher initial muscle tension (proprioception)
  • better coordination
  • reduced muscle vibration
  • more stability


Faster Recovery

  • less fatigue
  • quicker decomposition of lactate


More Comfort 

  • anatomically knitted (left/right)
  • anatomically padded (toes, instep, Achilles tendon and heel protectors)
  • ultra-flat seams


Xtra Dry Fresh Yarn (with silver)

  • against overheating
  • against blisters
  • against bacteria and foot odour


And in addition:  

  • extra strong compression: to aid the blood circulation and stabilize more effectively
  • perfect sizing determined through exact measurements of the circumference of the legs. In order to ensure the correct strength of compression in the right place on the calf, the measurements of both the circumference above the ankle and that at the widest part of the calf are needed. These are then used to determine the correct size. This is essential in ensuring the medically correct compression. For optimal comfort, all measurement combinations are available in four shoe sizes.


How to wash your compression stockings

  • Wash before first use
  • Wash every day (max. 40°C)
  • Wash inside out
  • With commercial mild detergent (particularly suitable for compression stockings is Ofa clean special detergent), don´t use fabric softener
  • Rinse well, but don´t rub or wring
  • Air dry on a towel or in a tumbler dryer (delicates programme), never iron or dry on a radiator
  • Store in dry place, protect against direct sun
  • Avoid stockings with silicone coated grip tops being in contact with solvents, creams and moisturising liquid soap, as the adhesiveness can be badly affected
  • Maintain regular foot care and wear sensible footwear
  • Pilling is normal with textiles and no grounds for complaint
  • Never repair stockings yourself but return the damaged stocking to the specialist dealer the stocking was bought from

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