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SOMNIA 06’’ Neck or lower back ergonomic pillow

UGS: MEDI-150306

+ Spinal contour: Additional cushioning along the inward spinal curve eases stress and maintains ones natural alignment.
+ Lumbar or cervical: Most tension and pain along the spine originate from the neck or lower back hence the need for appropriate contour.
+ Soft texture: Comfort can be attained with a gentle fill of the arch that doesn’t increase pressure where support is missing.
+ Convenient size: A design providing mobility and adaptability allows for cervical or lumbar relief in any situation.

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La description

SOMNIA 06’’ is a great pillow for Neck or lower back pain. It is a ergonomic pillow which gives Additional cushioning along the inward spinal curve eases stress and maintains ones natural alignment.


Neck or lower back ergonomic pillow


  • Spinal contour
  • Lumbar or cervical
  • Soft texture
  • Convenient size




    Place the Somnia 06'' vis-à-vis the area where it provides the most relaxation. No strap is necessary given its composition which ensures stability of the cushion. Easily carried or folded.


    Cervical – Lower back


    Width 15 inches / Length 06 inches / Height 03 inches


    High density, gel infused, viscoelastic foam (memory foam).


    BAMBOO: Bamboo viscose is a textile with unmatched comfort; it’s antibacterial, hypoallergenic and breathes and absorbs humidity, which reduces the effect of nocturnal heat.
    PROTECTIVE: This white polyester cover includes an internal membrane designed to protect the cover and foam during residential use.
    WATERPROOF: This institutional grade gray polyurethane cover is 100% waterproof and can be cleaned / disinfected with an appropriate product.

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