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Traction Table Belt


+ Use in conjunction with a mechanical traction table
+ Quick release buckles for easy tension adjustment
+ Contoured thoracic wrap fits comfortably under the rib cage

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La description

Traction Table Belts feature nylon straps and quick release buckles for easy tension adjustment to significantly reduce fitting time. Design allows fitting of most patients in a minute or less with little or no readjustment during treatment. Contoured thoracic wrap fits comfortably under the rib cage of both female and male patients while providing optimal comfort. Durable nonslip fabric ensures belts stay in place without slipping, even over clothing. Works with most traction tables.

Instructions for Use

Used in conjunction with a mechanical traction table to provide traction to patient.

1. Place belt on traction table with sewn red stripe facing up. Place the thoracic belt (black square hook) over non-traction device end of table. Pelvic belt should be placed at the traction table separation point. Align red dots on pelvic and thoracic belts to ensure proper alignment.

2. When lying supine on the belt, the patient's iliac crest should line up approximately one inch below the sewn red stripe.

3. Secure the outer pelvic belt snugly around the hips. Connect the 2 strap by snapping the quick release buckle. Tighten as necessary by pulling the strap.

4. For finer tension adjustment, simply lift the excess strap beyond the buckle and pull down and away with the excess strapping.

5. Close the thoracic belt around patient. Placing the belt toward the hips but under the rib cage. Normally the o-ring, by the quick release buckle, will be covered by the thoracic belt.

6. Hook the swivel buckle to the center metal o-ring on pelvic belt.

7. Proceed with traction treatment.

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